If you are in need of a service or you are a professional looking to grow your business, then I would recommend you sign up with Thumbtack

A day does not go by where for one reason or another I have to get on Google and search for something. The question really is who doesn’t do this in this day and age?

Have you ever heard of Thumbtack?

Hire a local professionalI came across this great services when my company was looking for a professional photographer to take some corporate head-shots.
It’s basically a website where customers can go looking to hire professional to help them accomplish their personal projects. They have to answer a series of specific questions about their needs. Then Thumbtack reviews the request and sends it to the appropriate professionals that have signed up for the service with those particular skills. These professionals then bid on the project and the users gets to choose.

It is a great idea and I have used it several times since then as a customer. I have now signed up as a professional as well, which helps me generate leads for all my freelance work.

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